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Pram race backs first aid helpers

A FUNDRAISING bingo night by Pagham Pram Race volunteers saw a shocking event.


The night saw the pram race committee officially hand over a £1,000 portable defibrillator to the Bognor Regis Branch Community First Responders.


The potentially life-saving equipment was bought out of money raised by the committee in 2017.


Its chairman, Mick Warren, said: “This is the first time the committee has funded a device of this nature.


“My committee and I unanimously agreed that this was a great use of some of the money we had raised last year.


“We hope, of course, that it never has to be used but if it saves just one life then it’s job done.”


Branch Community Responders are volunteers in the community trained to respond to emergency services alongside the South East Coast Ambulance Service.


Being part of the communities of Bognor Regis, Bosham, Chichester, Arundel, Rustington and Hunston, and the surrounding areas, enables them to quickly reach a patient and provide life-saving treatment until an ambulance arrives.


Defibrillators work by checking the rhythm of a patient’s heart and send a shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm. They are used to help people having a sudden cardiac arrest.


The committee members at the hand-over as well as Mr Warren were Tony Taylor, Liz Carey, Pete Cullingham, Paul Moore, Charlotte Moore, Tommy Moore and Holly Moore and committee helper Grace Cullingham.


The sell-out bingo night raised more than £1,500 for more good causes in the area as part of this year’s fundraising.

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