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Katy helps scoops up world acclaim

ICE CREAM seller Katy Alston represented Bognor Regis in a record-breaking line of chimes.


Katy, aka Mrs Whippy, drove one of the 85 ice cream vans which created the world’s longest convoy of the vehicles.


The founder of Pinks Vintage ice creams took part in the strictly run event with her ten-year-old adapted Ford Transit.


The lengthy line-up of colourful vehicles covered two miles around the Cheshire town of Crewe, where ice cream vans are built, last week.


Katy said: “It was every exciting but also very tense. Schools shut down and shops shut down when we all drove past.


“People were lining the streets. Ice cream vans stretched as far as the eye could see. We could also play our chimes. So, as well as the colour and vans of all shapes and size, there was all that noise as well. It was interesting to hear the different versions of chimes.”


The record setting was overseen by the van manufacturer, Whitby Morrison, and Edd China, a former presenter on the TV series, Wheeler Dealers.


Scrutineers from Guinness World Records controlled conditions. They decreed the vans had to be no more than ten metres apart.


“The first run had to be stopped,” said Katy. “On the second run, a van broke down and we all had to drive round it and make sure we kept within ten metres of each other.”

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