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Mike’s artwork goes on show

COLOUR, sound and laughter will fill a Chichester gallery usually known for its gentility.


Mike Jupp – A Life In Pieces will be the one and only exhibition devoted to the art and designs of the award-winning cartoonist, illustrator and writer from Bognor Regis.


He is mostly associated with his incredibly detailed jigsaw puzzles, especially the I Love… collection, pictured inset, which is an international best-selling series for Gibson Games.


His exhibition will open at the gallery in East Street next Tuesday and last until November 4.


Mike said: “I’ve never had an exhibition. I just wanted a chance to let folks know that I didn’t spend all my life in a pub.


“My stuff is for real people. It doesn’t need to be explained. You can tell which way up it’s supposed to be, and it doesn’t need analysing by ‘experts’.


“With my serious head on, I’d like to think that I’d be eligible to join the ranks of the great British cartoon illustrators such as Giles, Thelwell, Lawson Wood and Donald McGill.”


A graduate of the West Sussex College of Art in Worthing, and its first student of animation, Mike’s initial career was in advertising, publishing, film and TV.


He lived and worked in California as an animation art director and scriptwriter on a variety of European and American cartoon series.


After his return to Bognor Regis, he was helped by legendary film director George Lucas, to have his children’s story, The Dreamstone, made into an ambitious TV cartoon series.


It was broadcast by ITV for 52 half-hour episodes over four series in the 1990s. It was followed on ITV by another of his creations, Bimble’s Bucket, for 26 half-hour shows.


A chance to see The Dreamstone, as well as art from his TV and publishing career and original paintings of his jigsaw puzzles, will all be on show in the exhibition. His work for a recent bid to recreate The Wombles will be on show.


The exhibition will be followed by an auction of the original puzzle artwork on November 8 at Henry Adams auction house in Chichester.

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