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Visit to twin town adds new friends

NEW AND firm friendships were made on a visit to one of the twin towns of Bognor Regis.


The latest stay in Trebbin, in Germany, confirmed the strong ties between the two towns begun in 1994.


Trebbin is situated about 20 miles south of Berlin and was seen for the first time by three young people taken along by Bognor Regis Twinning Association to encourage younger generations to find out more about the town’s strong links.


Lucy Budge, Marnie Lord and Harry Mason were among those on their first visit for the town after they were selected by the association following a grant from Bognor Regis Town Council.


Heather Perrott, the association’s chairman, said: “You are never far from the past in eastern Germany.


“But our links of friendship, town to town and family to family, enjoy a peaceful and understanding present and look forward to a bright future.”


Trebbin is also twinned with the western Germany twin town of Bognor Regis, Weil am Rhein.


The twinning association members were joined for their visit this month by the town mayor, Cllr Stephen Reynolds.


Activities during the stay included a tour of the Mercedes Benz factory in nearby Ludwigsfelde, where the Sprinter van is produced, a trip to Berlin and a tree canopy walk.


This was in the grounds of a ruined tuberculosis sanatorium, which contained the latest treatments in the 1920s.


But its location – near Beelitz – was the site of the last major battle for Berlin as the Second World War ended in 1945.


Bognor Regis is also twinned with Place St Maur in France.

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