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Cllr Hitchins is quoted in your paper (November 16) as saying: “These political activists have got it wrong again. Don’t they know or care that these gardens are recorded as a hotspot for drinking and drug taking?”


Arun District Council is on very sticky ground because the Sunken Garden, pictured above, is Arun’s responsibility, so the blame lies with them letting it get so bad.


The community gardeners have been working in the Sunken Garden for seven years and, in that time, they have called on support from Nick Gibb MP, various mayors and councillors, ADC, the


police and other agencies to improve the situation, but nothing much has changed.


I would emphasise – we are volunteer gardeners, not political activists.


Creating a linear car park with a green central area sandwiched between three rows of car parking will not make any difference unless zero tolerance on drinking and bad behaviour is exercised.



Mary Stanley,
Sylvan Way,
Bognor Regis

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