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Councillor wants probe to look into park proposal spending

A FORMAL complaint has been made about a council’s handling of its linear park plans for Bognor Regis.


Town and district councillor Matt Stanley said he felt strongly enough over Arun District Council’s work for the scheme for the Hothamton car park area to complain about its behaviour.


His complaint mainly centres around a public meeting held by his party, the Lib Dems, in the town on June 21.


He said: “It is my belief public money is being used wrongly in an attempt to influence political debate.


“As it transpired, none of the Conservative councillors was available to attend the public meeting. However, Arun appeared to find £2,500 of taxpayers’ money to spend on a two-page spread advertising the linear park.”


It was now apparent the council was prepared to ‘squander’ more public money on four advertising boards for the £3m park to show contempt for the town’s residents.


An Arun spokeswoman said: “The council can confirm that a complaint has been received and is currently being investigated.”


No further comment was being made on the matter at this time, she added.

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