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Health | Focus can help to be strong in a crisis

If YOU read my column last week, you will know that I have been in Washington DC delivering talks for an incredible empowering event called the #WEC18 – Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference 2018.


It was amazingly uplifting for everyone who attended, and I was truly honoured to be asked to join them. The speakers were all very different, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, but all so interesting. What I found the most moving, was when I spoke to people in the audience after I had given my talk.


It was then I began to realise how inspiring it is to hear of everyone’s struggles and hardships to get to where they are, and when you share your struggles and successes it gives people hope.
When I give a talk, I try to deliver from a very authentic place and speak directly from my heart. This way I think people can connect with you better, and are more likely to share their own experiences.


There was one particular woman who was running a very successful business, but at the age of 11 her entire family had been wiped out in a plane crash. She was meant to be joining them a day later in Hawaii. I am not talking one or two members, but her mother, father and brother. She had one remaining brother, who also died two years later.


It blew my mind that anyone could recover from such tragedy, but in fact when I asked her how she has tried to move on she stated ‘you never get over’ such an incident, you just learn to live with your situation. She told me that she drew strength from the overwhelming feelings of being alone in this world.


It was from her inner strength that she started to form her company. She had no money, was appointed to live with her neighbours after her older brother passed away, (she disliked the neighbours immensely) and thought the only way out, to give herself financial and emotional freedom, was to strive to make her own life exceedingly successful. And that is exactly what she has done. There were tons of other incredible stories too.


I met a wonderful woman who had been abused and beaten during her childhood. She was a larger than life person, who is now running her own design and styling company for oversized women all over the world. She came from nothing and built her empire!


So what gives certain people the strength to be so bold, so strong and so determined? There is certainly no special formula, but some people do seem able to cope with a crisis more than others. Sometimes, the more trauma you experience, the better equipped you are at handling things.


To stay mentally strong in all given situations is extremely hard, but maybe if you follow a few of these tips it could just help:


1. Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t.
2. After the experience, ask yourself what you have learned and how it has helped you grow as a person.
3. Tackle problems head on. They won’t just go away and looking for solutions is far more beneficial than ignoring them.
4. Practise gratitude. No matter how tough life can feel, there is always something positive to be grateful for.
5. Owning and acknowledging your pain can be helpful.
6. Sometimes, a crisis can change the course of your whole life. Look for new opportunities.
7. Recognise your inner strength. Use affirmations such as “I can handle this”.
8. Trust in your own ability to cope.



On the back of this wonderful event, we are creating a ‘You Tube’ channel, called “Its never too late”, especially to give a platform for people to tell their stories from hardship to success, in whichever way that may be, such as love, relationships, career, financial, business etc.


I think this gives everyone out there hope, that no matter how bad your life situation is right now, there are always things you can do to help inspire yourself or others. If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me on:


Hope is the biggest gift of all.


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