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Letter | Tony Dixon



Bognor Regis needs regeneration. Regeneration means improving the social and economic wellbeing of the area.


Arun District Council’s Linear Car Park proposal is not regeneration – it’s redevelopment.


The council proposes to spend £4 million in order to give us what we already have, only smaller. We get less green space, less public parking spaces, and all to squeeze in some flats.


A complete waste of taxpayers’ money when there are so many deserving causes.


Arun listen but they do not hear. The townsfolk have told Arun numerous times in consultations, surveys and petitions that they do not want flats on the town’s two key regeneration sites.


Arun ignores this and continues promoting proposals for flats – and then they wonder why they don’t have public support!


In January, in a public question, I asked the leader of the council to explain what she saw as the regeneration benefits of the linear car park – it was an opportunity for her to ‘sell’ her council’s proposal. She couldn’t provide a credible answer and didn’t even know the difference between redevelopment and regeneration.


The Regis Centre and Hothamton sites are probably the best two seafront real estate sites between Brighton and Portsmouth.


With well thought out investment, they can be used to regenerate the town. We waste that opportunity at our peril.


Tony Dixon
Barons Close




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