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Town cinema’s new screen set to be opened later this month

FILM fans should finally be able to settle into their seats in the Bognor Regis cinema’s new screen this month.


The Picturedrome’s owner – the town council – is hopeful the final work to the £1m fourth screen will be completed in the next two weeks.


This should allow the 110-seat auditorium to be opened before the start of December.


Town council clerk Glenna Frost told councillors at their latest meeting on Monday the scheme should have been completed last July.


The delay had been caused by the need of building control officers at Arun District Council to receive proof of the fire resistance of the material covering the walls of the auditorium.


“Testing of the material is currently in a queue at the British Research Establishment and is expected to be completed within the next two weeks,” she said. This would allow practical completion, including approval by building control, to take place.


“Following this, practical completion contracts will be signed by the cinema tenant and the council and, according to the council’s solicitor, the cinema could be operational one week later,” Mrs Frost added.

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