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All week work plan for wells

OIL COULD be pumped from the wells north of Bognor Regis around the clock.


The Lidsey site’s independent operator, Angus Energy LtdWeald Basin No 3 Ltd, has applied to remove a limit on the hours it can operate. The company has asked West Sussex County Council to allow the flowing of hydrocarbons on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week.


A statement by Mineral Surveying Services with the planning application says: “There are no adverse effects upon the localised or wider highways network, landscape and visual amenity, general site operations, environmental matters or ecological habitats and species that are present.


“It should be noted that the application relates to the extraction of hydrocarbons by conventional methods and does not involve the exploitation of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing (fracking).”


Exploratory boreholes were approved at the original well at the site in Sack Lane in 1985 for a previous operator.


Various permissions, including one in 2006 for the first well, have since been granted to enable production to start.


The most recent approval was granted by the county council last February to Angus Energy Ltd. It also covers a second well and lasts until February, 2028.


Angus Energy owns a 60 per cent direct interest in the first well and a 50 per cent economic interest in the second one. The amount of oil being produced from the wells is not in the planning application.


But Angus Energy considers the production from the Lidsey oil field enhances the British economy by reducing the need for imports. Mineral Surveying Services says: “With North Sea production in considerable decline, the UK onshore hydrocarbon developments will become more important.”


Angus Energy issued a notice to the London Stock Exchange last April which said its then three wells yielded 212 barrels of oil daily. Three months later, another notice stated a geochemical analysis of oil produced from the Kimmeridge (clay) layers in the oldest Lidsey well revealed a high quality light crude product.


Andrew Hollis, the company’s chief geologist, said: “The significance of this assessment is that we now have demonstrable evidence of oil generation of good quality on the outer perimeter of the (Weald) basin.”


Oil production at Lidsey is currently limited to 7.30am-6pm, six days a week. This includes HGVs entering and leaving the site. No work is allowed on Sundays, bank holidays and public holidays.


The permission allows for eight return journeys a week by road tankers carrying crude oil and two return journeys delivering diesels and chemicals.


“The proposed development will not involve increased HGV movements from the site to deliver oil products and receive fuel and essential site equipment as the oil storage tanks have sufficient capacity to store the oil pending removal during normal working hours,” Mineral Surveying Services adds.

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