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Hats off to ‘Bishop Rubi’

RUBI KUSZKA became a bishop for a day at a Felpham school.


The 11-year-old was chosen for the honour by 360 of her fellow pupils at Bishop Tufnell CE Primary School.


They selected her idea of a pyjama day and a film afternoon as the best way to celebrate the end of term on Wednesday.


She was called to the front of an assembly held by the Bishop of Horsham, the Rt Rev Mark Sowerby, where her idea received most votes of the three choices on offer.


Bishop Mark handed her his mitre to wear and dog mascot to signify her temporary position. Rubi also handed out chocolate coins to pupils at the end of the assembly on Monday.


“It was really fun being the bishop and I really enjoyed it,” she said. “It was exciting. I had no idea any of this was going to happen.”


Bishop Mark was making his first visit to the Pennyfields school, which became a primary last September by merging neighbouring infant and junior schools.


He said: “The purpose of my visit is to help the pupils understand a little bit more about what a bishop is and what a bishop does and to celebrate St Nicholas Tide with them and Christmas.”


Bishop Mark is chairman of the diocesian board of education.


“Faith schools are absolutely vital. They are part of the way in which the Church of England seeks to serve the communities in which it exists throughout the land.


“They are also communities in which we intend Christian values to prevail,” he said.


Nick Sharp, the school’s headteacher, said: “This is the first time we have held a bishop for the day event. It’s been a success and I think we will stage it again.”


As well as Rubi, two other pupils put forward a Nerf gun battle with foam balls or a giant game of hide and seek for the last day of term. Also present were Father John Challis, of St Mary’s Church, and Fr William Marston, of St Nicholas Church.

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