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Lynne reaches blood donating milestone

SOME 150 ill people have been helped by a selfless Aldwick resident.


Lynne Allard has given her 50th pint of blood to ensure others can receive the medical care they need.


She has been thanked by NHS Blood and Transplant service for her loyalty – which has lasted her lifetime.


Lynne, 64, said: “I’m quite pleased I have reached 50 pints. Not many people get there. I’m happy to give blood and I think everyone should do it.


“It doesn’t hurt. In fact, the pin prick test beforehand hurts more.”


“I’ve got O+ type blood which can be given to everyone and every pint helps three people.


She has received a badge and a certificate for her achievement. They were received as NHS Blood and Transplant issued a festive plea to its donors.


Director Mike Stredder said: “Demand for lifesaving blood does not stop for Christmas. But stock levels can drop dramatically if too many donor appointments go missed or unfilled.


“We know that donations slump and missed appointments rise in the middle of December and the cold weather forecast can make the situation worse.


“We need our loyal donors more than ever at this time of year to make sure hospitals have the blood that seriously ill children and adults will need over Christmas and the new year.”


Self-employed dressmaker Lynne, of Inglewood Drive, began to donate blood when she was aged 19.


“My ex-husband was a blood donor where he worked and everyone there gave blood as well. I thought that if he could do it, then I could,” she said.


She had donated regularly until last summer when her regular visit was halted because she lacked iron.


Her level was restored to enable her to reach her milestone appointment – only for her next one to again fail the test for sufficient iron.


That has failed to deter her, though. “I would like to carry on donating blood for as long as I can,” she added.


Lynne was among 11,534 donors nationally to reach their 50th donation in the year to the middle of last month.


Anyone aged between 17 and 66, up to 70 if a previous blood donor, who is fit and healthy and weighs more than 50kg can give blood.


It takes an hour of a person’s time and 200,000 are needed every year to replace those no longer able to donate.

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