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Park designs move forward

Award-winning landscape designers have been chosen to prepare detailed plans for a new Bognor Regis park.


Land Use Consultants will be carrying out the work ready for a planning application to be submitted for the £3m project in the new year.


The news was revealed by Arun District Council as it announced the result of its poll to chose a name for the area.


A vote of residents saw Pavilion Park, chosen for what is intended to be one of the lynchpins of the town’s regeneration.


Pavilion Park was the favourite of 47 per cent of the 227 people who voted. It just pipped the Duke of Sussex Park with 44 per cent.


The third suggestion put forward by Arun District Council – Princess Charlotte Park – received nine per cent of the votes.


The new name for what has been known as the linear park in its initial stages harks back to the era when The Pavilion stood on the site after the Second World War as one of the town’s most popular entertainment venues.



District council leader Gillian Brown said: “Arun District Council is excited to see this project progress in the new year.


“We hope to deliver the new Pavilion Park as soon as possible so that the community as a whole can enjoy all it will have to offer.


“I’m delighted that residents engaged with this poll and have chosen a winner. The name Pavilion reflects the history of the site.


“More than 200 people participated in the poll, which demonstrates there is support in the community for the new park.”


The public will be given the chance to comment on the proposals as the design develops.


Arun intends the park to transform the area – a car park and the Sunken Garden – into a modern multi-use park to suit all ages.


Subject to planning consent, several features are set to be included.


They include water play and a natural play area, a performance area to host a rolling events programme, a central market square, and a cafe with indoor and outdoor seating.


The park will be well lit to enable it to be used after dark. Some 200 parking spaces are planned as well.


The western side of the current car park will be marketed to developers for some 100 flats at a later stage Bognor Regis Civic Society deputy chairman Hugh Coster said Arun should engage in meaningful consultation about its plans with the town’s residents.


“The name is a mere side issue. What we want is to have proper public consultation. The only time Arun have done that, in 2017, 19 people said they liked the idea,” he said.


“Arun is proposing to set up secret focus groups with people it has selected. That does not give anyone else the opportunity to comment.


“Saying we can do that at the planning application stage is not the same thing.”

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