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Park signs passed

FOUR notice boards promoting the planned new park in Bognor Regis have been approved.


The structures were proposed by Arun District Council and passed by a planning officer this week. They will be placed around the proposed Pavilion Park on the Hothamton car park and Sunken Garden site.


Planning officer Amber Willard said in her report: “The exact content on the proposed advertisements has not been provided but would include information relating to the redevelopment of the site.


“Whilst this information would be beneficial, the adverts are determined based on their physical structure and not the content.”


But Cllr Matt Stanley (LD, Marine) said the scheme was only intended to shamelessly promote the park plan which had proved controversial.


“There is a clear conflict here. Many of us were hoping that, due to the hugely controversial nature of these plans, the council would take measures to ensure some degree of independence.


“However, they have opted to simply wave through their application,” he said.


He said Arun should, instead, host an open debate on the £2m scheme to answer the community’s concerns about the plans.


A total of 21 letters of objection to the boards were received by Arun. Bognor Regis Town Council made no objection.


Three of the signs will be 2.5m wide and 1.2m in height and the other 1.2m X 1.2m. They will be 1m off the ground.


An Arun spokesman said the signs would cost about £2,500 in total once the £380 expense of each notice and all the associated costs were paid.


“The council is keen to keep everyone aware about how plans for the park are progressing,” she said.

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