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Play shows pupils how to stay safe

STAYING alive while you drive was the story behind a hard-hitting production seen by Felpham Community College students.


The one-hour drama focused on two 18-year-olds in love and who drove from a party to a seemingly inevitable fate.


With audience participation, the Box Clever actors re-enacted the scene to show how matters could have been different if only the passenger had made the drive safer.


One of the Year 11 students, Jessica Bulpett-Caynes, who watched the play, said: “It was the best road safety workshop we have attended as it had a good balance between fact and entertainment.”


Anna Basley, another of the Year 11 students present, said: “It was good to watch and definitely made us think about making the right choices to stay safe on the roads.”


Joining the audience for the play was the latest stage in a series of workshops across year groups at the college to remind students of the importance of staying alert when walking and cycling.


For older students, the message was adapted to include driving and being passengers.


Yasmin Tetra, the college’s curriculum leader for citizenship, said: “We work hard at the college to provide a balanced curriculum which covers life skills as well as the school syllabus.


“This term has been particularly busy looking at road safety.


“Evenings are getting darker and the weather can be an issue so it is a good time to remind students of how important it is to stay safe on the roads.”

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