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Protest to improve county for all users

RESIDENTS from Bognor Regis and Chichester held a protest on Tuesday morning for better facilities for people on foot, on bikes or in wheelchairs in the county.


A letter signed by 48 residents has been sent to mark the three-year anniversary of Chichester city councillor Sarah Sharp’s crash at the Canal Basin on December 11, 2015.


Long-standing road safety campaigner Sarah Sharp was outlined in chalk outside County Hall, in West Street, recreating the accident scene.


The 53-year-old, suffered a head injury, a broken shoulder, six broken ribs and two cracked vertebrae when her bicycle was in collision with a car in Basin Way.


The letter sent to the council stated: ‘We call on the county to dedicate 15 per cent of its transport budget to walking and cycling as recommended by the Department for Transport.


“No changes have taken place at so many horrendously dangerous junctions in the city. We are being let down by our councils and the councillors are failing residents if pavements aren’t improved to prevent so many people tripping over and hurting themselves or simply to improve ease and comfort for wheelchair users.”


Cllr Sharp spent three hours outside County Hall to mark the three years of time she has spent campaigning, filling in surveys, taking part in meetings, setting up the Cycle Summit and Friends of Centurion Way and helping generally to support better facilities for sustainable travel.


She said: “This is my way of symbolically protesting against the conditions of the roads around Chichester. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.


“Since my accident, no changes have taken place at so many horrendously dangerous junctions in the city. I used to cycle everywhere but now I walk much more.”


Tracey Benson, lawyer at Slater and Gordon, which is representing Cllr Sharp in a civil action, added: “We see far too many cases like Sarah’s and we fully support her attempts to make the roads around her home as safe as possible.”

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