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Pupils’ quiet period with difference highlights the rights of children

SILENCE spoke volumes for students at a Bognor Regis school.


Twenty pupils at The Regis School spent a day without speaking to show unity with a worldwide campaign to highlight the plight of children denied their rights to education, health and safety.


The students stood in solidarity and silence as a powerful representation of their passions and beliefs that children everywhere must have these rights upheld.


They include the right to be listened to and taken seriously, the right to protection and the right to an education.


The day of silence was a moving and humbling experience which the children valued.


One of the students involved, Logan Rimmer Woods, said: “I took part in this campaign to portray how important it is for us as students to have a voice about all matters affecting us and to allow other voices to be heard.”


Mike Garlick, the school’s principal, said: “As a rights respecting school and one which seeks to deliver an education with character, we are proud to uphold the rights of students.”


The silence took place on UN world children’s day and was part of a global campaign held by the WE movement.


A scheme to combat period poverty has been adopted by The Regis School.


The Red Box Project is aimed at helping disadvantaged girls to stay in school throughout the month. It collects donations of underwear and sanitary protection from members of the public and places them into schools in red plastic boxes.


When girls need the products, and are unable to access them at home, they can approach a member of staff and ask for the red box and take whatever they need to get through their period.


That could include whole packs of different absorbencies, night pads and even tampons, if required for PE. The project also provides underwear and modesty bags.


The Regis School, in Westloats Lane, will have two red boxes – one in the sixth form study area and one in the medical department.


Megan Bryant-Lawson, who chairs the student A Team at the school, said: “On behalf of the student A Team, I think that the Red Box Project is excellent.


“As a rights respecting school, no girl should lose the right to her education because she cannot access sanitary products when needed. We are really pleased that our school has got involved in this project.”


The school’s health and wellbeing manager, Yola Harvey, said: “I am so very pleased to have the Red Box Project at The Regis School.


“Now every female student has access to sanitary products to help combat period poverty in our school community.”


Keen members at The Regis School’s accelerated reader scheme have enjoyed millions of words in the first two months of this term.


two of the top students are Eloisa Thorpe, 11, who has accumularted 6,448,124 words to earn her sapphire badge, and Freya Moores, also 11, who has accumulated 2,699,646 to reach emerald status.


Eloisa said: “Being an accelerated reader is lots of fun, but as you start to earn more words for your word count, it gets harder because you’ve got to keep reading more and more books.”


Freya said: “I like finding new books to read, and my favourite books at the moment are the Lemony Snicket ones.


“I’ve enjoyed earning the word count badges and can’t wait to get the rest.”


The legact of the London 2012 Olympics has continued at The Regis School. The school had students as young games makers at the paralympics.


Its sixth paralympic sports day was planned and delivered by its 30 Year 9 sports leaders to help all students appreciate the ability of paralympians.


the event saw all but a handful of Year 7 students and most of Year 8 enjoy boccia, zone hockey, paralympic swimming, paralympic athletics and sitting volleyball.


A school spokesman said: “The sports leaders planned and delivered all five different sports, covering all the various roles from managing the children, doing results and officiating roles.


“They needed to adapt their competitions to the number of students in attendance.”

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