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Review | Sleeping Beauty

By Kelly Wickham
Sleeping Beauty
Chichester Festival Theatre, Oaklands Park, Chichester PO19 6AP
Until December 30


Everyone remembers the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty from a child, a princess under a fairy’s curse pricks her finger on a spindle and sleeps for 100 years, waiting to be woken by a prince’s kiss.


This year, the children of Chichester Festival Youth Theatre have bought this tale as old as time alive but with a twist involving two princes!


This is a truly incredible two hours packed with stunning visual aids, incredible costumes and overflowing with talent.


If the acting of Beauty, played by Izzy Richardson, and the prince, Joe Russell, then audiences were thoroughly entertained by the courtiers who were impeccably in time and quick witted, and easily stole the show.


Their timing, humour and facial expressions worked well with the Queen and King throughout their performance.


Of course, Megan Bewley, who created the perfect humour and delivery with her performance of the Queen Ogreress was worthy of a separate applause. The Fairy Goody in all three forms, played by Emily McAlpine, Francesca McBride and Katie Utting, were all mesmerising, too, despite the undue amounts of wind passing, which felt slightly unnecessary.


The first half of the show is a fun adaptation on the classic story and the second shows what life is like after for Beauty and her prince. Although the second sitting was slightly more perplexing, the characters continued with their witty remarks and clever acting.

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