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Scheme for new jobs is backed

HUNDREDS of new jobs for the Bognor Regis area have moved a step closer.


Final approval needed to build commercial premises on a section of Oldlands Farm was granted by Arun District Council on Wednesday.


The scheme, which was backed unanimously, will provide just over 7,500 sq m of buildings for general industrial use and just over 10,600 sq m for storage or distribution.


Ian Johnson, planning agent for the applicant Hanbury (PM) Ltd, told the council’s development control committee: “This is yet another large financial investment at Oldlands Farm by our client, who have received various interested parties in terms of occupying the proposed development.


“It will provide a significant improvement in job opportunities to this area and to the local economy.”


The completed development was expected to create 320-360 full-time equivalent jobs, he said.


The site is next to the A29 and the Bognor Regis northern relief road and immediately north of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ technology and logistics centre.


It is also north of the new stores for Lidl and The Range, which Arun approved earlier this year but have yet to be built.


The approved scheme for Oldlands Farm was approved in principle by Arun three years ago.


Some details of the design were backed by the council in September, 2016. The remaining matters were the subject of the latest application.


Oldlands Farm has long been earmarked by Arun as a site to provide more jobs for residents around Bognor Regis.


Council planning officer David Easton recommended approval and told the committee the scheme would have four units. They would fit in with the existing and proposed buildings in the area.


“Units 1, 2 and 4 will feature a maximum ridge height of 10m with unit 3 measuring a maximum of 13.5m in height,” he said.


“The proposed external facades of the units will reflect that approved to the south of the application site for the industrial units currently occupied by Rolls-Royce.


“The proposed materials will be dark grey, with lighter coloured panelled cladding to create interest.


“The proposed development is considered to have a minimal impact upon users and occupiers of nearby property and land.


“It is acknowledged that the proposed use will result in some noise and potential disturbance.


“However, it is considered that by virtue of the site’s location it will not result in any unacceptably adverse impacts.”


Committee member Cllr Dawn Hall (C, Pagham) said: “I welcome this. It is exactly what this land is for. It will bring jobs to the area and the officer’s recommendation is spot on.


“I propose we accept this recommendation and get on with it.”

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