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School’s work gets high marks from first inspection of lessons

PRINCIPAL Mike Garlick has spoken of his satisfaction at a positive review of his Bognor Regis school.


Mr Garlick said the first review and support day at The Regis School by inspectors from its parent trust, United Learning, had been a success.


A team of five inspectors from United Learning spent the day observing activities among the school’s teachers and students.


This included observing teaching and learning, student behaviour in lessons, during movement time and at break and lunch times, and meeting with students and groups of staff.


“Visitors reported on our strengths in excellent student behaviour, particularly in classes, the strength of ‘education with character’ referring to our charity work, (our) rights respecting status, extra curricular offer and enrichment opportunities such as memorable moments, said Mr Garlick.


“They reported that most teaching seen was very effective in challenging students to learn at a good pace and that leadership remained strong.”


He added the next step for those at the Westloats Lane school was to ensure students’ written work was a consistently high standard by focusing on writing at length to help to prepare them for future exams.


The visit was the first of three which United Learning will stage.

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