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Talented musicians play for sick children

A SPECIAL concert was held by pupils of a school to help raise money for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust.


The Yehudi Menuhin School, which nurtures the top musicians in the world, performed at Arundel Cathedral to an eager audience.


With a simple, yet vivid backdrop of a blood red carpet and poppies, the musicians transported the audience through their passion for music.


The school’s founder, Yehudi Menuhin, famously visited the death camps at the end of the Second World War and played for the benefit of the survivors.


The programme involved talented young students from the UK, Spain, Indonesia, China and Serbia, with the youngest performer on the night a 12-year-old-violinist.


The audience were treated to heartfelt and emotional performances of music by Mozart and Debussy.


Di Levantine, co-founder and chairman of the Sussex Snowdrop Trust, said: “We are so delighted to have these incredible students supporting the charity with this performance.


“We appreciate how busy their schedule is and it is an honour to see them perform. It is especially poignant on the eve of the Armistice Centenary for us to recognise the sacrifice of the 93 soldiers who gave their lives in Arundel as we sit in the pews alongside figures from the ‘There But Not There’ campaign.”

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