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Town market plan backed by council

MARKETS can be set up across Bognor Regis town centre.


The town’s business improvement district board has been given street trading consent for a range of attractions.


The decision paves the way for a return of the popular street events of recent years. Most of the new activities will take place in the London Road precinct.


But the High Street, Little High Street and Place St Maur have also been included in the permission. The consent covers the hours of 8am-11pm every day.


BID board chairman Paul Wells told Arun District Council’s licensing sub-committee last Friday the markets would be an important part of its work to boost the town centre’s image and footfall to help its shops.


“It’s our intention to build these markets up in Bognor Regis. It’s very important to state we are talking about quality and improving the quality and the offering we have in Bognor Regis, and to move forward with the regeneration we are all trying to achieve for the town.”


Mr Wells said approving the consent would enable the BID to control the trading which took place around the town centre.


“What we don’t want is to have a situation where we have ad hoc stalls coming in and applying for licences,” he said.


“I know Arun is very proactive in protecting our town centre image. So, we don’t want a great swathe of stalls down the precinct we have got no control over.


“Once they get started, there’s no governance over the quality or what is done there.”


The application covers a range of goods such as clothing, electrical goods, soft furnishings, giftware and food.


It is a repeat of the consent which was given by Arun to Toyubur Rahman, the former Bognor Regis town centre manager, about two years ago.

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