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Whats on | Mortal Engines

Release date: December 8
Cinema: Picturedrome
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


AFTER the “Sixty Minute War” plunged Earth into chaos, humans were forced into a new way of life, developing technology to enable cities to move across the globe in search of smaller town prey to consume.


The story follows lowly London apprentice Tom Natsworthy and the mysterious scar-faced Hester Shaw, who are thrown together by fate when expelled from the speeding city of London by explorer “hero” Thaddeus Valentine. Cast into the wilderness, they’re hell-bent on revenge, but the stakes are high when they find cyborg bounty hunter Shrike on their trail.


In a world where the heroes and even the cities are far from immortal, it’s all about survival as Tom and Hester must avoid Shrike while finding a way to disrupt London’s power-hungry plan to use a secret weapon that threatens untold destruction.

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