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Aldi store plan is submitted

AN ALDI store for the Bognor Regis area would sell some £17million of goods a year, it has been predicted.


A retail analysis of the impact of the proposed outlet of the fast-growing discount retailer says about 80 per cent of the sales would be convenience goods, such as food. The rest would be ancillary non-food items.


Most of the customers for the store at the intended Salt Box development on the A29 would come from the existing Shripney Road stores.


A statement by Mango Planning & Development, the planning agents for the scheme’s applicant, Landlink Estates, says: “It shows that following the closure of Lidl at the Peel Centre, the impact of the new Lidl is confined towards other out of (town) centre stores, notably Tesco and Sainsbury’s on Shripney Road.


“The Aldi proposal will, unsurprisingly, divert a proportion of the new Lidl store’s trade and will similarly have a trade draw pattern focused on the larger out of centre stores.


“In terms of the town centre as a whole, shoppers who have opted not to shop in the town centre have the option of a number of out of centre stores already, including the new Lidl store when it opens.


“Those shoppers who have opted to shop in the town centre notwithstanding existing out of centre provision are likely to do so for specific reasons, eg proximity to work or home, preference for the brands represented.


“And those customers are unlikely to change their habits materially with the introduction of a new fascia at the application site.”


Sales in the town centre were also relatively healthy, Mango Planning & Development said. Morrisons was doing better than its size would predict and Iceland was also doing reasonably well.


As revealed last month, the store – with a 1,785sq m gross internal area – will form part of a revised development for the site north of Rowan Way.


The initial scheme for the 12ha location was backed by Arun last August but the latest detailed proposal has swopped some elements, such as an hotel and gym, for the Aldi store and a Richmond Motor Group showroom for three car brands.


A distribution centre for Warburtons the bakers and two drive-thru restaurants remain the same. Two further warehouses are planned.


Warburtons is keen to move into its building. If Arun grants permission, the baker wants to open early next year.


At least 500 jobs are set to be created by the site through direct and indirect employment once it is fully developed. Two further warehouses units are subject to outline permission, as part of the overall application, to be built when their occupiers have signed up.


Arun has been keen to see the site developed to create new jobs under its Enterprise Bognor Regis initiative.


Mango Planning & Development adds: “The layout and design…meets the key design objectives to create a well integrated mixed use scheme in a commercially viable and practical way which is sensitive to the site’s surroundings and respects the character of the surrounding area.”

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