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Community News & Views | Protection against Pagham

WORK is going on behind the scenes to protect Pagham from flooding in future winters.


A working group of various organisations has produced an initial report about a range of options which could be used.


Pagham parish councillor Phil Hayley told its latest meeting: “There is a draft report that has been produced within the action group to have a look at and see what comments there are about it.


“This is before the main report comes out. The aim is that that should be by Easter.”


The possible coast protection schemes include the installation of new groynes or taking shingle from further out to sea to shore up the beach.


“There are a lot of consultations going on behind the scenes,” said Cllr Hayley, “to get a lot of the approvals which will be needed put in place.


“These will be between organisations like Arun District Council and Natural England so Arun can go and move shingle within certain parameters rather than seeking permission every time they do it.”


Planning permission already exists for a proposal to create a channel through the Church Norton Spit, which has grown offshore in recent years to channel the tides in and out of Pagham Harbour on to the foreshore and scour its shingle away.


This has severely eroded the beach to cause alarm to many of the resident living on and near the foreshore.


Cllr Ray Radmall, the parish council’s chairman, has warned a large number of properties inland are at risk of flooding if waves overtop the remaining beach.


It was reported at last Tuesday’s meeting that Arun had been moving shingle around the beach to add protection to areas which had become exposed.

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