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Letter | Pam Evans



I would like to thank you for the article about the collection box which was stolen at my Christmas lights display for St Wilfrid’s Hospice, pictured above.


Unfortunately, the box hasn’t turned up. It is such a shame as the man who made it is no longer around to make another one.


Regarding the money, I had no idea how much there was in the box. It still amazes everyone the thief could dig it up as it was buried two feet in the ground.


My thanks go to all the people who have called with donations for the hospice’s Dreambuilding fund. The total has now gone up to £545.20, which is marvellous in the circumstances.


I feel the people in Felpham really have a heart. The comments and messages have been uplifting. Many of them feel utter disgust about what has happened.


We did establish the thief must have been in a car to take the pole and box. The security light was broken. Only an adult could reach that.


While I wish to thank everyone, the biggest thing of all would be to find the box.


Pam Evans,
Mornington Crescent,

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