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Traffic calming

RAISED road surfaces could be installed near a Bognor Regis school.


West Sussex County Council has been consulting about its plan for a series of raised traffic-calming features in Frith Road.


In a statement, its director of law and assurance, Tony Kershaw, says: “Frith Road is a narrow residential road and provides the main route to The Regis School.


“The road is subject to a 20mph speed limit. The proposed features are intended to discourage traffic from using Frith Road as a shortcut and to encourage compliance with the 20mph speed limit.”


The council wants to put in a speed table feature at the junction of Frith Road, Westloats Lane, Gravits Lane and the access road to The Regis School. It will be 65mm high and all ramps will be 1m long.


Three pairs of speed cushions are also planned for Frith Road. Each will be 3m long, including ramps of 600mm and 1.7m wide.

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