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Yapton houses are approved despite appeal to stop them

A PLEA by a Yapton resident failed to prevent up to 300 homes in Yapton being approved.


Andrew Snelling told councillors the site in Drove Lane was unsuitable for such large-scale development.


“The safety of my children, my friends’ children and all my fellow community people is paramount.


“You should go down North End Road at 8.45am to see how gridlocked it is. If there was a fire, the fire engine would not get through.


“The lack of infrastructure is a joke. Most people want their kids to go to Yapton Primary School and they want them to go to a small school. They don’t want a massive school.


“Why are you destroying our village life? I want to live in a village, not a town.”


But Arun District Council’s development control sub-committee unanimously approved the scheme.


The council received 115 objections to the outline proposals by Landlink Estates for the 13 hectares of land in Drove Lane.


They said it should be refused permission because of the risk of flooding, congested roads and the loss of farmland.


But one of the council’s planning officers,David Easton, said: “The impact of the proposed development upon existing infrastructure can be adequately mitigated through the contributions identified.”

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