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IT WAS 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic stay.


The Bognor Regis Post will be publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about the monarch’s recovery from a lung illness:


Friday, February 8 – The Lancet and the British Medical Journal this week contain short statements in similar terms on the King’s recent progress, dealing in particular with the significance of the ray-therapy treatment which he is receiving. The following quotation is from The Lancet:


‘The removal of the King to Bognor marks a definite stage in his illness, but we protest again that is premature to speak of convalescence.’


Monday, February 11 – The King, lying in a motor-ambulance, travelled from Buckingham Palace to Craigweil House, Aldwick, near Bognor, on Saturday.


Immediately after the departure of the King the Royal Standard was lowered from the flagstaff above the Palace, denoting the transference of the Court to Craigweil House.


He was greeted with sympathetic cheers by the crowds, numbering in all many thousands, that lined the roads along which he passed through Leatherhead, Dorking, Horsham, Billingshurst and Pulborough to the coast. (64 miles)


His doctors reported on Saturday evening that he had not suffered undue fatigue, and yesterday, although the weather on the South Coast was very cold, his condition continued to improve.


The two doctors made the journey on Saturday in a car which closely followed the ambulance and when they had satisfied themselves that the King was comfortably settled in his new home, Lord Dawson of Penn returned to London. Sir Stanley Hewett is staying at Craigweil House.


(The King departed about 10.30am and arrived at 1.24pm. Queen Mary travelled by a separate journey and arrived 30 minutes earlier.)

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