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Letter | Cllr Jan Cosgrove



One is not quite sure what the good councillor of Aldwick (Cllr Phil Hitchins) was on about in his recent letter but maybe he can explain to readers:


*Arun has no external money for its ‘regeneration’ plans for Bognor Regis, and doubtless not much of its own


*The Sir Richard Hotham Project, pictured above, has £90m plus planning permission granted by a planning inspector after two refusals by Arun District Council, the last being against the advice of its own planning officer


*Arun has admitted that its plans for a linear park at Hothamton is really about enhancing land value for flats by a private developer


*Virtually none of the ideas submitted to it by residents and organisations in its 2016 ‘consultation’ appears in the plans ADC wants to foist on us


*So far, local residents have not been given a say regarding Arun’s plans versus those of the Sir Richard Hotham Project


*The Bognor Regis Regeneration Board supports the Sir Richard Hotham Project’s plans


*The Hothamton Sunken Garden is identified for retention in the Bognor Regis neighbourhood plan, and an electors’ meeting has voted against the linear park.


Arun’s earlier estimates suggested its plans would cost £50m-60m.
It has little prospect of attracting that for a winter gardens wish-list (on the Regis Centre site) which has little economic or employment merit.


Cllr Jan Cosgrove,
Orchard Ward,
Bognor Regis Town Council

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