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Letter | Penelope Lewis



I would like to thank a guard on a particular journey and also, as a regular passenger, to make a strong case for keeping guards on trains at all times.


I was travelling on a train from Brighton to Portsmouth on December 27, 2018, early evening. The train left, I think, around 7pm from Brighton, when I fell ill and had to ask a passenger for help.


She immediately went to find the guard who came at once and reassured me he would be seeking medical help immediately by phone – which he did.


I believe Barnham was the next stop, where paramedics were waiting and entered the train to help me.


The guard stayed with me, giving me re-assurance until the ambulance arrived.


It was deemed that I needed to be admitted to hospital immediately as I was showing signs of sepsis with very high blood pressure and fever.


The guard made everything run smoothly and I was taken by ambulance to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester. Thankfully, I have fully recovered and am now back home.


I would like to stress that it seems inconceivable that there should be any threat to remove guards from trains.


In my circumstances, I would just have had another passenger to try to get help and had my carriage been empty or, indeed, had passengers who did not know how to respond, I would have been in a very vulnerable situation.


I also believe that, without the guard on the train, the call to the emergency services would have taken far longer – worryingly so in my situation.


Penelope Lewis
Route des Cadets
50390 Besneville

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