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Tree worries fail to stop housing

A FURTHER 18 homes have been approved on a housing development in Felpham.


Arun District Council has backed the scheme for vacant land in Stanhorn Grove. This is within the large-scale Site Six scheme which has been built during the past decade.


The new homes will be built by Worthing Homes to provide affordable housing.


But the scheme for the near half an hectare of land was opposed by 49 letters of objection.


The council’s tree officer, Mark Warwick, has also objected to the scheme because of the effect of the housing on three protected trees. He believed future harm could be caused to the roots of the trees along the site frontage and pressure in the future to trim some of them.


Arun planning officer Simon Davis says in a report: “There is no objection in principle to the residential development of this urban site which is located within a recently completed residential estate.


“Although it is acknowledged that there are a number of objections to the proposal…the proposal is in accordance with all of the relevant development plan policies.”


One of the policies does allow for important trees to be affected where the benefits of a scheme are considered to be significant.


“This is the view that the planning authority has taken on the basis of the 100 per cent affordable nature of the proposal and the positive impact it will have for low income families trying to secure a home,” said Mr Davis.


Other concerns raised by objectors included the risk of flooding caused by building the housing, loss of privacy for neighbouring properties and inadequate services such as schools and shops.
Felpham Parish Council raised no objection but did tell Arun it had several concerns and considerations.

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