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Unsafe buildings to be demolished

CONSENT to demolish two landmark buildings in Bognor Regis has been issued by Arun District Council.


The council has said the hazards at 2-4 Waterloo Square are so great a demolition order is the best way to overcome them.


The order, signed by the council’s empty homes officer Helen Stevens, comes into effect on February 12.


The buildings have to be knocked down by March 26.


Developer B5 Ltd applied to Arun last July for permission to demolish the structures. They are within The Steyne Conservation Area.


The two and three-storey buildings have a Dutch or Flemish gable facade and date back beyond 1903.


But the demolition order lists 39 deficiencies in them which justify their demolition.


They include: “The balcony is in poor disrepair and any persons using (it) are at significant risk of falling due to its lack of maintenance over the years.


“It is also reported that due to the buildings’ condition a number of beams are not protected and it is highly likely that all steelwork within the building is suffering from corrosion resulting in the loss of structural integrity.”


The order states the deficiencies give rise to hazards such as falling between the levels, structural collapse and sections of the building falling off.

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