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Cakes and cuppas in bid to help beat polio

WELL over 100 guests joined in a celebration at Felpham Community College to help to beat a deadly disease.


The Purple For Polio tea party brought together college students, pupils from nearby primary schools and guests from the community to mark the latest stage in Bognor Regis Rotary Club’s contribution to a worldwide campaign.


The club gives 1,400 purple crocus bulbs – one for each pupil – to the college each year to highlight the work being carried out to eliminate polio.


The tea party celebrates the blooming of the plants in the college’s grounds.


Among the students who took part in last week’s tea party were Adam Francis, 11, Emily Ingram, 11, Ruby Richards, 12, and Millie Towse, 12.


Adam said: “I have been helping to bake the cakes for today. It was the first time I have baked cakes in the college.


“I felt I wanted to give something back to the college because it has done so much for me.”


Emily said: “I have been doing baking as well. It’s fun to try out new recipes and make types of cakes I’ve never made before.


“It’s nice when your hard work has paid off and people are enjoying it.”


Ruby said she helped to ensure the napkins were folded perfectly for all the guests to enjoy.


Millie said: “Polio is a disease which can be fatal and has died out in the UK but is still present in some other countries.


“It can cause people to go blind or not be able to walk and we don’t want people to have to suffer from it or the side effects it has.”


This was the latest year in which the college had joined with the Rotarians. The colour purple is used because it matches the dye given in some colours to those who have been vaccinated against polio.


Michelle Kelly, the college’s deputy headteacher, said: “We are celebrating the Rotary club and the work it is doing to eradicate polio.


“It has been a really successful campaign worldwide and it is something our students are really passionate about.


“Two of our students are talking about polio at the tea.


“This is a really fantastic celebration of the work of our students and involving them in the local community.


“We are a UN rights respecting school and polio may not directly affect our students but it still affects other people.”

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