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Children defend rights of refugees to get council housing in our area

CONCERNED pupils in Slindon have taken to their computers to defend the rights of refugees.


The Year 5 and 6 children said they wanted to ensure the victims of war were given sanctuary by this country.


Their desire to help followed a front page lead in the Bognor Regis Post earlier this year about a petition started to ensure homeless people were given housing ahead of Syrian refugees.


Pupils of Slindon CofE England Primary School wanted to show their compassion in a series of letters to the paper.


Teacher Rachel Poulter, at the school in Meadway, said: “After reading the article, we carried out a philosophical inquiry and considered all possible viewpoints.


“The children overwhelmingly agreed that all vulnerable people should be supported and housed in the area and that both refugees and homeless people are equally in need of help.”


To read a selection of the letters pick up a free copy of the Bognor Regis Post.


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