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Church-goers in worldwide prayer

WORSHIPPERS from Bognor Regis area churches joined others from around the world in prayer.


Some 70 church-goers took part in the town’s contribution to this year’s world day of prayer.


They gathered at Aldwick Baptist Church last Friday to take part in a service compiled by the women of Slovenia.


The same service was celebrated by congregations in more than 120 countries. The first to take part was Samoa and the event travelled through the continents to end in American Samoa some 38 hours later.


Entitled Come – Everything is Ready, the baptist church’s contribution featured five women who portrayed Slovenian women featured in the service – wives, mothers and grandmothers, Roma people, refugees and migrant workers.


They are pictured above: back row l-r: Anita Hayward, Amy Leney, Pat Rush and Clara Wilson, with Nicky Downing in front.


Angela Halfacree, who led the service, said: “Today very much highlights the role of women around the world.


“It shows what women have to endure, with examples like an alcoholic husband or dealing with children and earning less money.


“Today is also an example of the more people who pray, the greater the power that prayer has – and we have the whole world praying. It shows a real unity in Christianity as well.”
her fellow baptist church member, Janice Spurles, led the organisation of the service. She said: “The service takes place around the world at about the same time locally in each country. It’s quite awesome to think so many people are taking part.”

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