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IT WAS 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic visit.


The Bognor Regis Post will be publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about the monarch’s recovery from a lung illness:


Saturday, March 9 – The last bulletin, which warned the public that the King’s recovery must still be slow and would occupy some months, is examined in the current issue of the British Medical Journal with a brief comment. The journal says:


‘The bulletin issued from Craigweil House on Saturday, March 2, after an interview of a fortnight, laid stress upon two points. One is that the King continues to make slow but steady progress.


‘The other is that the complete recovery which is confidently looked for must not be endangered by premature exertion of any kind.’


The logic of this will be apparent to any medical reader who recalls the violence of the streptococcal infection, the length of the acute stage of illness and the prostation which follows such blood infections, even in young patients.


For weeks on end, the King’s life hung in the balance, and restoration of health after so severe and so protacted an illness must be a matter of months.


Monday, March 11 – The King passed a good weekend and continued to make slow but steady progress. Lord Stamfordham, the King’s Private Secretary, visited Craigweil House on Saturday, and was engaged for some time with his Majesty. He returned to London in the evening.


The Queen in the afternoon drove to Slindon Park, the residence of Lady Beaumont.

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