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IT WAS 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic visit.


The Bognor Regis Post will be publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about the monarch’s recovery from a lung illness:


Thursday, March 14 – The return of the cold east wind and the absence of sunshine prevented the King from going out yesterday. He was up early and spent the day in his big room which looks over the sea.


His Majesty is able to read a little and to move about his room, but for some time he will have to take his airings in the bath chair which has been sent from Buckingham Palace for the purpose.


Princess Elizabeth arrived at Craigweil House last evening from London, with her nurse. It is expected she will stay at Bognor for some days, as the Duke and Duchess of York leave for Norway.


The Queen drove to Petersfield yesterday afternoon, and paid a visit to Lieutenant-Colonel Turnour-Fetherstonhaugh at Uppark.


Friday, March 15 – The temperature was again too low yesterday for the King to be able to go out. There was a little sunshine in the early afternoon, but the air was kept cold by the east wind.


Artificial sunlight treatment was administered to the King yesterday by Dr Howitt.


Princess Elizabeth, who is staying at Craigweil House while the Duke and Duchess of York are in Norway, saw the King again yesterday. Her presence gives the King much pleasure.


The photograph of the King on his first airing in the grounds of Craigweil House, which was published in The Times on Wednesday, was broadcast from Daventry experimental station on


Wednesday night, and is reported to have been received on television sets by several hundred people in this country as well as by others in France, Germany and Austria.

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