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Community News & Views | Planning approved for smoking shelter

CHANGES to the smoking shelter at a Butlin’s site in Bognor Regis were nodded through by councillors.


The holiday company received planning permission to move the shelter and alter its size and design in an unanimous vote without any debate.


Arun District Council’s development control committee granted the approval last Wednesday for St Joseph’s in Albert Road.


Its members had been told the original plans had been changed after an objection by their environmental health officer.


Butlin’s had wanted to change a permission given three years ago and enable up to six smokers to use the shelter from 10pm-7am instead of two and extend the hours the property’s conservatory could be used from 8am-7pm.


But Arun planning officer Daniel Vick said: “The application now proposes only the relocation of the smoking shelter and slight amendments to its design and size.”


The new shelter will be 2.52m long, 1.56m wide and 2.52m high compared to the existing 2.4m long, 1.8m wide and 2.4m high measurements.


It is being moved from a location between the Las Arenas and Blackbird Cottage buildings on the site to between Blackbird Cottage and Walton House. The original planning permission was granted in 2016.


Jeremy Pardey, resort director of Butlin’s in Bognor Regis, told the committee: “The purpose to do this is as much for residents as it is for our team.


“I have had some concerns from local residents about the position and the availability of smoking and the times people have been using that.


“We put this plan in, working with some of the residents of The Esplanade, asking them for their indications as to what they thought was best.


“We want to minimise the noise complaints that we have had and make it better for our local neighbours.”


Arun received 18 letters of objection to the proposal. They concerned excessive noise from the conservatory and the hours it was in use.


Bognor Regis Town Council also objected because its members believed noise, disturbance and smells would result from moving the shelter.

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