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Health | Sprouting energy with soaked seeds

Rather than taking away foods that you love in order to improve your healthy eating, why don’t you just try adding some extra things into your day to give you more vibrancy and energy?


Often, I find with my clients that the more goodness you add in, the less cravings you have. Why? Because you are getting all the nutrients that you need, and the only reason we crave certain foods (often the naughty foods, such as chocolate, crisps and wine) is because our bodies don’t have enough of the good stuff, so we reach for the quick fixes in order to gain energy or feelings of wellbeing.


This only makes matters worse and can leave us feeling tired, run down and bloated.


Adding sprouted seeds into your diet could be one of the most health enhancing additions you can do. They are 100 per cent natural and pure and one of the most healthful, economical, life force energy foods you can have.


The key to successful sprouting is making sure you rinse and drain well, and that way you will never be without the perfect sprouts to sprinkle on your food, eat as a snack or add to your smoothies.


You would do well to invest in some proper sprouted jars which cost about £5 each, so inexpensive for the years of use you can obtain from them. You only need two jars and can continuously produce amazing superfoods from this method.


Sprouting means an alternative word for germinating but sprouting goes beyond that and results in a partially grown or young plant. You can sprout anything from nuts, seeds, (such as radish, kale, broccoli etc ) beans, pulses, legumes or grains and the purpose of sprouting is because it basically provides enhanced amino acids, vitamins and minerals into your body, in a very natural way.


When a seed is soaked, the plant’s enzymes inhibitors are removed and a whole chain or reactions begin. As the plant grows at a rapid rate, the vitamin content increases dramatically, to the point where the sprouted seed can contain hundreds and thousands more nourishment than it did previously. Then the protein, carbohydrates and fats begin to break down into a pre-digested form.


The enzymes of each seed, bean, nut or grain also skyrocket, making sprouts one of the richest enzyme foods on the planet. They can help with many ailments such as digestive issues, immunity problems, boosting your circulation, and improving your heart health, improving your eyesight, improving and strengthening bone, skin and muscles and halt premature aging.


The best and most health-enhancing sprouts to begin with are: Broccoli seeds, radish seeds, mung beans, lentil, fenugreek, chickpeas and quinoa. For an example of their enormous goodness, when you sprout broccoli seeds, a three-day old sprout contains between 20 and 100 times more goodness then the broccoli itself. That’s not to say you should stop eating broccoli, but having the sprouted seeds too is going to give you such a nutritional hit of amazingness, it would be crazy not to.


Sprouted seeds contain chemicals that disarm free radicals, preventing harmful diseases, and gives the body the fighting materials that it needs to stay energetic and well.


It’s really simple to do if you follow these simple rules:


Make sure the jar that you choose is clean and oil-free


Use just a small handful of one type of seeds (because they expand in the jar)


Pour clean water onto your seeds, up to an inch over the height of the seeds


Cover the jar if it’s not a professional sprouting jar, with a mesh lid, as all that matters here is that nothing else can get into the jar except air. And that is a must!


Leave the jar with the water in to soak overnight. The next morning, drain off the water thoroughly and rinse the contents of your jar


Drain off the water by preferably leaving the jar upside down. This is the point your sprouting could potentially go wrong. If you don’t drain properly and leave them in water your seeds could go rancid before they sprout. (you would smell it if this happens) You must drain and leave them without water. You then need to rinse your sprouts twice per day, draining each time.


Leave in the light, but not in direct sun light. In 2-5 days your little seeds will be showing baby shoots, and this is when they are ready to eat.


When they are ready to eat you can pop them in an airtight container and keep in the fridge. They will last for at least five days so eat them quickly!


You can then begin sprouting your next new jar so you always have an array of fresh sprouts on the go and can add them to everything you eat!


If you need help with your diet plan or have health issues that you would like to deal with naturally please call me for a chat: 07730671436

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