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Keen interest greets launch of European Movement in town

SUPPORTERS of Europe have formed a new group in Bognor Regis.


The European Movement’s founding group comprises four different nationalities. English members were joined by Dutch, German and French citizens.


Their initial meeting on Saturday was followed by a stand set up in the London Road precinct to advertise the People’s March in London on March 23 in the ongoing build-up to Brexit.


David Meagher, one of the group’s founders, said: “Almost 100 people approached the newly formed Bognor Regis European Movement group to express their views.


“The stand heard opinions from all walks of life – from both leavers and remainers.


“It was stressed that the People’s Vote would be open to all and is a democratic referendum. A Brexitometer gauged the mood of passers-by.”


The stand will be in the High Street in Bognor Regis tomorrow morning as well as the Brexitometer.


The European Movement was formed in 1949 to further links between Britain and the continent. Its representative in this area, Justin Lees, was keen to set up a group to represent the town.


The initial meeting discussed how Brexit would affect relations with our European neighbours and the People’s March.


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