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Surgeon’s uni talk on artificial intelligence

A WEST SUSSEX surgeon will talk about artificial intelligence in medicine for a first university lecture.


Will artificial intelligence ever be able to replicate how humans make decision? What health care decisions would you allow an artificial intelligence to make for you?


These are the topics to be covered at a seminar entitled ‘Artificial intelligence, medical decision-making and you’ delivered by consultant surgeon David Beattie at the University of Chichester on Wednesday, April 10.


The interactive seminar is aimed at those who wish to improve their understanding of what is meant by artificial intelligence and how it is already impacting on the world around us.


It will explore what artificial intelligence might do for us in the future, and those attending will be asked to consider what it could do when applied to medicine – as well as what it should and should not do in this area.


David said: “Artificial intelligence has gone from what for most is an obscure and somewhat abstract concept to a phenomenon that touches most of us on a daily basis.


“Despite this, many people remain sceptical that machine-learned decision making is reliable and socially acceptable across a myriad of applications.


“My seminar aims to familiarise delegates with the concept of artificial intelligence and perhaps challenge their current perceptions – helping them to explore their acceptance of artificial intelligence and define some of the big questions for the future.”


The seminar will take place at the University of Chichester’s Bishop Otter campus between 5pm and 6m. Attendance is free of charge and open to the general public.


For more information and to book a place, please visit: or email:

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