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Town scheme decision call

ELECTORS have demanded a final say on the chosen regeneration scheme for Bognor Regis.


A resolution at the annual electors’ meeting on Monday showed unanimous backing for a resolution which called on Arun District Council to enable residents of the wider Bognor Regis area to be able to choose the multi-million pound project.


This could be achieved with an exhibition of the schemes still able to be delivered for the two sites of the Regis Centre and Hothamton car park, a poll or another method.


But only around ten electors attended the session – held in the new screen at the Bognor Regis Town Council-owned Picturedrome cinema – and were joined by a similar number of residents from neighbouring areas.


The resolution by Jan Cosgrove also requested the town council to consider the matter and enable residents to make their views known.


He said: “Arun holds this land for the people of Bognor Regis. The town centre is in desperate need of regeneration to move forward.


“It has been 20 years at least from when this project (regeneration) started and, still, we have no decision about regeneration.


“There is no money for it. Arun wants the linear park to go ahead because that will increase the value of the land for private flats to be built. That is not regeneration. It is merely redevelopment.


“This can’t go on. We really have to have some settlement here. Something needs to go ahead and needs to go ahead quickly.


“We are being left behind by other seaside towns who are forging ahead with developments and are beginning to reap the benefits of them.


“I despair of Arun. Maybe a new administration after the May elections may see things differently. I have my doubts.


His resolution was backed by fellow Bognor Regis resident Steve Goodheart.


He said: “The shenanigans going on around Bognor Regis, as Jan has indicated, have been going on for many, many years. We are being let down.”


Matt Stanley told the meeting on Monday every method of determining public opinion had rejected Arun’s version of regeneration for a linear park on Hothamton and a winter garden and bigger theatre at the Regis Centre.


“Arun don’t appear to be listening to anything that is being said,” he said.


Another resolution decisively backed at the meeting, by Jim Brooks, called for any regeneration scheme to feature beach access and an entertainment venue for shows and exhibitions to increase leisure opportunities in the town.


Nothing had happened 20 years after plans for a beach ramp were drawn up, he said.


He said: “It is absolutely wrong we still have a situation where families with prams, tiny tots and disabled people can’t get on to our sand anywhere along on our large beach.”

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