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Councillors back critics of the proposal for a new look A29

Senior parish councillor Brian Knight has criticised the decision to cut the new A29 short through Shripney.


Cllr Knight, chairman of Bersted Parish Council, said he supported the campaign by residents for the re-aligned road to be extended to the A259 at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars roundabout.


“We want to voice our opinion that to bring the road back into Shripney village is absolutely baffling.


“You will have a nice road coming straight into a bottleneck and causing damage to the village of Shripney.


“Over the next few months, we will be fighting this and seeing what we can do,” he told the Bersted annual electors’ meeting last week.


Parish council planning chairman Cllr Gill Yeates said the A29’s section through Shripney would be stuck in the middle between two new roads.


“This situation is not good enough for our residents. This road is a ridiculous situation.


“People can still take part in the consultation about the re-alignment and make their opinions known.”


The consultation about the 4km new section of road lasts until April 26. Details at:

Posted in Local Developments, News.