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Donations pour in for charity bike riders

More than £40,000 has been raised by cyclists from around Bognor Regis for their latest journey.


The £40,374 donated by Tuesday was reached just ten days after the riders launched their online fundraising page.


They were seeking donations in the town centre last Saturday and said the support they had received so far was ‘truly heart touching’.


The Pink Pub To Pegasus Bridge ride will see them tackle the journey to the famous military site in Normandy dressed in Home Guard outfits riding vintage bicycles worth no more than £25.


They are raising money for two good causes – 90 per cent to All Call Signs and the rest for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life.


They will leave on June 3 and will arrive at Pegasus Bridge on June 6.


The friends say on their Justgiving fundraising page: “We will be arriving on the 75th anniversary of D-Day to commemorate and show our respect to all of those men and women who bravely risked or laid down their lives in service to our country to give us our freedom.”


All Call Signs was established last year, after the tragic loss of a friend of many of the riders, Danny Johnston, 35.


Danny was an experienced soldier who served his country for many years as part of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment.


His distinguished career saw him serve with the Special Reconnaissance Regiment.


He took his life last May after a lengthy battle with mental health issues.


All Call Signs hopes to reduce the number of self-harm incidents and suicides in the military community.


Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, set up for the electronic music industry to support children in crisis, will create wells in Africa in memory of Danny.

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