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Homes plan is criticised

Hundreds of extra planned homes have been criticised by councillors in Bognor Regis.


A new application for up to 300 homes on farmland in Pagham has been submitted by developer Hallam Land Management.


The company’s first proposal for Hook Lane was rejected by Arun District Council on highways safety grounds. It has appealed against the decision. The inquiry will begin on October 22 and is set to last for three days.


But the firm has sought to avoid the need for the appeal to be held by submitting the proposal for a second time.


Bognor Regis Town Council’s planning and licensing committee said on Tuesday the scheme would be an over-development which would affect all the surrounding area.


Cllr Pat Dillon (C, Pevensey) said many reasons existed to object to the proposal. They were based around infrastructure and the impact of the extra housing on the road network in the area.


“They can’t seem to grasp the fact that 1,200 houses is going to instigate something in the region of another 2,500 vehicles on the roads – the developers, West Sussex County Council, the Planning Inspectorate, all of them,” he said.


“It’s going to have an horrendous impact on all of this area if the developers win the appeal and it is going to cost Arun District Council a lot of money.”


He said the proposal for the extra housing would see an additional access made from the estate on to Pagham Road.


But it was a road with a history of a lot of accidents. The junction of Hook Lane and Pagham Road was a particular hotspot because of the proximity of the bus stop.


Cllr Jeanette Warr (LD, Hotham) said: “That impact will be so serious, it’s unbelievable. To get from A-B at certain times of the day is almost impossible now.


“With the 745 houses already approved, the impact on the roads is going to be detrimental. It is going to be a complete over-development of the area.


“That could be one reason we can object to. Another 300 houses on top of the 745 houses will cause chaos. There’s already chaos without the 745.”


Cllr Sandra Daniells (I, Pevensey) said: “We should say enough is enough. We are adding our weight to their (Pagham’s) objections.”


Cllr Steve Goodheart (I, Hotham) said: “The application for the extra 300 homes is the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


Cllr Dillon abstained from the committee’s decision because of his planning role with Arun.


The latest application has seen 21 letters of objection submitted to Arun by Wednesday morning. The original application attracted 480 letters and a petition of 1,232 names.


Hallam claims the refusal of its plans was unfair. Three other housing proposals in Pagham were backed by Arun and the developers had combined to create road improvements to satisfy county highways officers, it stated.

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