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Housing demand for young people

A call for more housing has been made by a Bersted parish councillor.


Cllr Keir Greenway said extra homes were needed to enable members of the younger generation to have a property of their own.


“People like me want somewhere to live,” he said. “I know there are arguments about affordability but there is a real dire need for it.


“I know people my age who are going out and buying shared ownership properties and they are loving them.


“We always talk about the negative aspect of new housing but there are positives as well.”


One much-needed aspect of enabling more development could be seen with the A259 viaduct, he told this month’s meeting of the parish council.


“That cost £31m and we would not have it without the new development. I use it every day and I am grateful for it.”


He made his comments as councillors declined to offer Pagham Parish Council financial support in its bid to oppose one of the four large housing schemes in its area.


Bersted Parish Council’s chairman, Cllr Brian Knight, said: “We all agree about people wanting properties. The biggest problem we have is that they are not being built at the prices that people can afford.”


Cllr Hugh Carey said: “First time buyers have not got a hope in hell of buying one of the 2,500 homes planned for Chalcraft Lane – and that’s a shame.


“All of these big housing estates are designed to attract people from outside, not necessarily first-time buyers.”


Cllr Gill Yeates, who chairs the parish council’s planning, amenities and environment committee, said: “To have 7,000 homes down from Fontwell to Pagham is very unbalanced for one side of the Arun district. It will have a real impact on people.”

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