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New Pagham housing plan

A FRESH bid is being made by a developer to build hundreds of homes in Pagham.


Hallam Land Management has submitted a new application for up to 300 dwellings on land at Hook Lane.


Its original proposal was rejected by Arun District Council three months ago because of safety concerns caused by vehicles from the development worsening traffic conditions on the surrounding roads.


Hallam has appealed against the decision. A government inspector is due to take charge of the public inquiry into the appeal on October 22.


But the company has separately made a renewed attempt for councillors to back its plans.


Hallam’s planning agent has told Arun the scheme deserves to be approved in keeping with the three other major housing estates backed by its councillors recently.


Owen Jones, a director of LRM Planning Ltd, said in a letter to the council: “No evidence has been produced to justify why the proposed development at Hook Lane is in some way different such that planning permission can justifiably be refused.


“The highway mitigation measures are based on a cumulative assessment of traffic effects associated with 1,200 dwellings proposed at Pagham in the (Arun) local plan.


“These mitigation measures are to be provided jointly and separately by the development proposals at Pagham.


“It is important to recognise that the council approved planning permission for three other planning applications at Pagham, totalling 745 dwellings, which are each based on the highway mitigation measures.”


The latest application covers the construction of up to 300 new homes, a care home of up to 80 beds, a two-form entry primary school, formation of vehicular accesses on to Hook Lane and Pagham Road and new pedestrian and cycle links. The site overs 17.5 hectares.


Pagham Parish Council’s clerk, Nicola Swann, told its members on Tuesday the application seemed to be the same as the original plans.


Cllr David Huntley, the council’s vice- chairman, said: “It’s been a very busy year. We have been fighting these four applications. It has kept us extremely busy.


“It’s a bit like Brexit. You can bat them away but they always come back. It reminds me of (the song) Hotel California. You can check out any time but you can never leave.


“To double the size of the village just because Arun wants to get rid of the housing numbers is not good enough. We don’t need these houses and nobody here can afford them.


“All it will do is to encourage people into the village. It will kill the goose that lays the golden egg – tourism – and destroy the best farmland in the country.


“That’s what we have been fighting about and that’s why we are not going to give up.”

Posted in Local Developments, News.