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Protests over parking fears

Scores of residents have objected to plans to replace a house in Bognor Regis with 22 flats.


The protests have mainly come from residents who live around the site at 26 Burnham Avenue.


Chris Brian has asked Arun District Council to approve his outline proposal to demolish the large house of four bedrooms on the site with two three-bed apartments, 18 two-bed apartments and two one-bed apartments. No parking spaces will be provided.


But more than 70 letters of objection to the scheme on the plot of 1,378sq m had been received by Arun by yesterday morning.


Among those who have protested is Roger Horlock, of Burnham Avenue. He told the district council: “As recently as March 7, I had to send an email with a photograph to Bognor police about dangerous parking on the corner of Sturges Road and Burnham Avenue.


“A further block of flats with no parking facilities provided will only further exacerbate the problem – absolute madness!


“I have lived in Burnham Avenue for the past 23 years and the problems with regard to dangerous driving (fast rat run) and the nearest free parking to the railway station and the town centre has become unsustainable over the years.


“Added to this, the aesthetics of a building that will be totally out of context with all the other residential properties is totally unacceptable!”


Fellow Burnham Avenue resident Pamela Wakeling said to the council she objected to the application for several reasons. They included:


“The density and overcrowding of proposed properties on the site, one house occupied by a single family is being replaced with 22 dwellings;


“No provision for parking, Burnham Avenue already suffers with over parking as the road is frequently used by commuters using the station and town workers, severely limiting the available space for on street parking for residents.


“The proposed development would provisionally add another 22 cars (or more as two-bedroom properties may well have more than one car).”


One of the residents in neighbouring Burnham Gardens, Claire Brown, wrote to Arun: “Parking in Burnham Gardens and Burnham Avenue is already a problem.


“We always find it difficult driving out of our cul de sac on to Burnham Avenue.


“There are so many cars parked on both sides of the road, that it’s usually impossible to see oncoming traffic.


“On many occasions when edging out on to Burnham Avenue, we’ve had near misses with vehicles travelling along the road.


“As the proposed flats have no parking, where are these new residents going to leave their vehicles? “It is probably only a matter of time before a person or vehicle is involved in an accident.”


Many objectors attended Bognor Regis Town Council on Tuesday to see its planning and licensing committee object to the proposals.

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