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It was 90 years ago King George V and Queen Mary came to Bognor for their historic visit.


The Bognor Regis Post will be publishing weekly excerpts from archive editions of The Times to show how it informed its readers about the monarch’s recovery from a lung illness.


Monday, April 8 – The first application of a new electrical treatment (diathermy), which it is hoped will hasten the cure of the rheumatism in the King’s right shoulder, was made yesterday afternoon by Dr FD Howitt and Dr RS Woods, the rays specialists.


No other change in His Majesty’s treatment is contemplated at present, and it is reported that he continues to gain strength and to make steady progress.


The King spent nearly three hours yesterday morning in the grounds of Craigweil House. He walked a little, but in the milder air he preferred to sit in the warm sunshine.


The Queen drove to Chichester yesterday morning and attended service in the Cathedral.


Friday, April 12 – The King spent a short time in the grounds of Craigweil House yesterday, for the weather was mainly cold and dull, with some rain.


It was out of doors, however, that His Majesty received William King, of Bognor, who had served with him as captain’s coxswain on HMS Bacchante.


Mr King is now 75 years old and it was over 40 years since he had last seen His Majesty. The King and Queen shook hands with him and the King recalled old experiences as a midshipman with the Bacchante.

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